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Bugs and the Image of God

June 4, 2009

Humans aren’t the only wonderfully made species on the planet (though I think we may be the only fearfully made species, by virtue of the Imago Dei in us). I was most recently reminded of God’s creative glory while reading a book about bugs. It had glossy pictures and everything – so much better than the book full of grainy photos that I had when I was a kid. In reading, I didn’t expect much beyond a general realization that bugs are cool, and ended up being blown away by the intricate beauty that lives under rocks. I kept interrupting Amy as she read her own book, to tell her about my most recent discovery of wonder.

Two insects in particular (out of the 50 or so whose full descriptions I read – I’m sure there are many more I could mention) stand out to me three days after finishing the book. I present to you The Aphid and The Fruit Fly, as described in the Field Guide To Insects and Spiders, by the National Audubon Society.

The Aphid

“Most aphids have a complex life cycle. Overwintering eggs hatch in spring into wingless females, which give birth parthenogenetically to young that mature as wingless females. This continues until a generation of winged females is born in summer and flies to another species of plant. There they produce more wingless females until a last generation of winged females returns to the original plant. In fall these produce wingless males and egg-laying females, which mate, and the cycle begins again.”

Amazing. Such a complex, ordered, designed life cycle …

The Vinegar Fly (Fruit Fly)

“Female lays up to 200 slender grayish-white eggs, each with 2 short respiratory tubes projecting above surface of moist food. Eggs hatch in 2 days. Larvae creep to drier sites and transform to adults in 4-5 days. Adults are ready to mate in 2 days and live 2 weeks.”

Respiratory tubes? Are you kidding me? and 200 eggs in one of those tiny little flies? Respiratory tubes? Who thinks of putting respiratory tubes on eggs? Evolution is no match for that. Honestly, who can say (with a straight face) that a fly – somehow – figured out that respiratory tubes on the eggs would be a good idea, and went about the necessary mutation? Or could there be truth to the theory that the fly happened to evolve in such a way once upon a time (given enough time and the right circumstances)?

No, but God did create them and witness their first life cycle, and he called it very good because He made them perfectly. In light of His immense creativity, let us worship Him for who He is: Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of creation.

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  1. June 5, 2009 11:14 am

    so, eggs planted in soft food take two days to hatch? just think how many of these respiratory-tubed eggs you probably consume in a lifetime! kind of a gross idea….

    • Mark permalink*
      June 5, 2009 1:33 pm

      yeah, that occurred to me when i looked at the pizza that we had forgotten to put away until after you left last night. and amy thought of it, and i said “protein!” (as if that makes it any less gross.)

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