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Why I Am Glad My Children Are Sinners

March 9, 2010

This Sunday, as we were sitting in church preparing our hearts for worship (and keeping energetic children from overly displaying their energy), I said a quick prayer, along these lines:

Lord, please help all of us to hear from you. Please help us to parent wisely. Please especially grant that Amy will be able to listen to and remember the sermon, and give her the ability to stay awake.

(Amy is pregnant, and it has been hard for her to pay attention to the sermon many times because of her almost perpetual tired state.)

After a trying service that included three trips out of the sanctuary to shepherd our children towards willing obedience, I found that I could not remember a single word of the sermon. I was frustrated, and as we drove to our friends’ home I slowly realized that I had heard from God. He had spoken to me very clearly during the second time of correction with my eldest daughter. She and I had learned more about honoring Him, and were drawn closer together. (I find that it is when I am seeking to discipline the girls with God’s heart that I realize the deepest truths about my relationship with Him.)

I learned that, as disobedient as she may be sometimes, I am more disobedient by far; if I try to hold her up to a standard of perfect obedience I see my own disobedience in her behavior. My Lord did not absolve me of debt so that I might demand payment from a fellow debtor.

As a bonus, Amy remembered the sermon and told me all about it!

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  1. ukrainemom permalink
    March 9, 2010 8:26 pm

    Great thoughts!

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