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good food (past and future)

March 29, 2010

While I was looking through a box of random stuff by my desk, I came across an old business card from a little Cuban grocery and sandwich shop that used to be around the corner from where I lived when I was at Georgia Tech.  I’d forgotten the name of the place, but there it was on the card: “Kool Korner Grocery” and the owner’s name: “I. Ramirez.”  Those were some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten, and their little hole-in-the-wall shop was the sort of place where you’d see students, lawyers, construction workers–everybody in line at lunch.  The line usually snaked through the store, out the door, and down the block a bit.

Curious whether they’re still open, I looked them up online, and found this blog post which said they had to close back in June 2008 when the landlord sold the corner property to developers. Very sad.

However, as I read comments and patrons’ laments at Atlanta’s loss of true Cuban sandwiches, I was delighted to a link to another blog post which said that the owner has re-opened his business in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m heading that was for a concert next month, so I may plan on enjoying an authentic Cuban sandwich while I’m there.

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