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One-ism or Two-ism: how do you view the world?

February 15, 2012

Do you think that fundamentally all is one?  That matter and energy are all that exists? or that everything is connected and distinctions are illusions? Do you believe that we are one with the earth, all living things, and the cosmos?  Is everything god?  Was Yoda right–there’s a force in everything, uniting all into one?  Those are One-ist views.

Or do you think there’s the a personal Creator who made a creation distinct from himself?  Do you believe that God is independent of all creation, yet intimately involved in actively sustaining all things, by the word of his power?  Do you confess that God is three persons, yet one God, what Christian theology calls the Trinity?  Do you believe that God the Creator stepped into creation, incarnate in the man Jesus, yet still fully God, to restore us and all things to perfect relationship with God through the cross?  That is the Two-ist view.

There is no third way.  Either the claims of biblical Christianity are right, and there is a fundamental distinction between Creator and created, or the One-ists are right, and all is one.  The two views have vastly different practical consequences for how we view ourselves and the world at large.

Human beings are worshipers at heart: we each have something that drives our life, that we worship, whether we’re conscious of it or not.  Do you worship God or something else in the cosmos, or to frame the question in biblical terms, do you worship the living God or idols?

The video below from truthXchange presents the choice between One-ism and Two-ism.

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