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Who Are the 6BG?

There’s an old story describing an elephant from six different blind guys’ perspectives. It is often used to invalidate any claims to truth: each guy only had part of the truth, and he got the big picture wrong. But for the story to work, two things must hold true: there really is an elephant, and there’s a narrator watching the whole thing.

Six Blind Guys is committed to truth, beauty, life, and grace. We hope to start a conversation for the good of the world and any who join us. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once said, “One word of truth outweighs the entire world.”

So far there are two of us: Mark and Joel. There are also quite a few people who are interested in contributing, so anyone who’s not Mark or Joel is someone from whom we have learned, and with whom we enjoy life. We’re hoping to post meaningful things, and looking to understand true meaning better through the conversation on this blog.

Mark is husband to lovely Amy, father to sweet Adia and bright Magdalena. He is a photographer and cellist, and beauty is the most indelible thing in his experience. Through grace he has been saved, not by his own work but through the gift of faith in Christ Jesus, the living Son of God. He hopes to encourage, learn, and always speak what will give grace to those who hear.

Joel is gripped by the goodness and beauty of grace and longs to more fully enjoy and embody truth. He is fascinated by languages, cross-cultural experiences, how ideas shape culture, and Europe. He is a reader, thinker, musician, Russian language student, runner, occasional songwriter, former civil engineer, amateur ethnographer, and a follower of Jesus.


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